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Welcome to Yoga4U

  Yoga4u are linked to world class teachers. Whether new to yoga or an experienced practitioner we give special attention to developing self-awareness that builds the foundation for health, wealth and peace of mind.  Yoga4u has 25 years experience teaching yoga and working in the healing arts.  We apply yoga as a remedy to heal and help people wherever they are in their lives.

We have experience and have witnessed how yoga helps with severe disablility, mental health issues, depression, cancer, children with special needs, addiction, back injury, pregnancy and post natal issues.  Yoga is there for anybody, anytime and we tailor classes to suit your needs, whatever they maybe.

Yoga can be a remedy but it is also a practice and we are dedicated to giving authentic teachings, linked to the spiritual, traditional lineage that ultimately guides, instructs and protects.

Yoga4u offers open, evening classses and workshops in Fulham.

Book a month of  classes with one of our very experienced teachers and we’ll give the first class free.

Fees start at £60.00 per hour.

Community open class: Every Monday 7pm
The Imperial 577 Kings Road.
http://the-imperial.co.uk/ £12.00 concessions available.